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Thread: tub drain linkage assembly not stopping water

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    Default tub drain linkage assembly not stopping water

    Hi There,

    I'm a total amateur and am trying to get my tub drain to stop water so my little girl can take a bath. I removed the face plate and there was no part of an old linkage assembly behind it except a cotter pin left over. I stuck a coat hanger down in the hole and could fish out nothing, although I did get the coat hanger stuck for a few heart-stopping seconds.

    This morning I bought a Danco tub drain linkage assembly at Home Depot. I noticed it was the only option they had and assumed they were standard size for that reason. When I tried it out it did not stop the flow of the water out of the drain. I tried adjusting it to various lengths including making it as long as possible so I could feel it resting on the bottom of the pipe (it went in very smoothly and I couldn't feel any parts of the old assembly down there when I was feeding it in). Water still drains out of the tub regardless of where the drain stopper is. Anybody have any idea why this is so?



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    The drain assembly you bought does not line up with the existing drain. Just go get a rubber stopper for the tub, 3.00 and you are all set, then, add child & bubbles.

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    Drain assemblies are NOT generic. Remove the "drain" from the bottom of the tub and convert it to a "push/pull" unit with a plain overflow plate.

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