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Thread: Question on adding branch to a panel - how do you guys access the knockouts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlarrivee View Post
    So you're a politician/inspector then?
    No I am a safety minded person with your wellbeing at the foremost of my mind.

    I am a person who has experienced flash overs and electrical explosions as well as one who has investigated such incidents. Yes I have been involved in electrical incidents caused by my own careless unsafe maneuvers.

    I am the person who knows that anyone who thinks there is no danger in doing electrical installations have taken the first step toward being permanently maimed or even killed.

    I am a person who has seen firsthand and experienced the loss to families who suffered from someone doing something in an unsafe manner.

    I am a person that was directly involved with a family where the husband lost his right arm at the shoulder and lost not only his home but his family simply because he wanted to change the circuit to his heat pump himself and shoved the cable into the main breaker of his service panel causing a flashover in which he received second and third degree burns to his arm, face and chest. He didnít even turn the main breaker off. To visit with him today, if you can catch him sober and he will tell you that he had done this type of installation hundreds of times without any problems. It only took once to stop him from doing anymore electrical installations of any kind.

    I am a person who thinks about your family and the pain and suffering that would be imposed on them should you do something that could cause you to be injured for life or even killed.

    I am a person who everyone wants to belittle because of my preaching safety and the old adage that one ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.

    I am not against someone doing their own electrical work as long as that work is being done in a safe and compliant manner. Just because someone is a homeowner wanting to do something their self in no way relieves the dangers that arise from electrical hazards. Safety first, safety last, safety always.

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