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Thread: Compact toilet?

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    Default Compact toilet?

    The front lip of my current toilet is about 27.5" from the back wall, leaving only a foot of knee room. Can anyone suggest replacements that will leave more knee room?

    The bottom flange is about 6.5" from the wall (3.5" clearance from a baseboard radiator that extends 3"); overall flange is about 17" front to back. I think the brand is American Standard, but there's no logo visible.

    Any replacement must have a powerful flush. It would be great if it were available in blue, but I'll forgo the color match to get more knee room.

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    27.5 from the back wall is compact.
    That would be something in a regular bowl.
    Most drains are 12" from the back wall, and having a heater behind won't help you much. Can you post a picture?

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