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Thread: Repair Pipe with Ground Wire Attached

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    Default Repair Pipe with Ground Wire Attached

    All -- first post so be gentle. I have a cold water copper pipe that runs above my garage and supplies the outside faucet on our house. It runs above our electrical panel and has the panel ground attached to it. This pipe is prone to rupture during winter months (this is another issue and a longer term fix). It ruptured again and I would like to replace the entire run of pipe including the section where the ground is attached. QUESTION simply is -- is it ok to temorarily remove the ground so I can replace the pipe and then reattach it? I just want to make sure I am not going to short out the house or put ourselves at risk. If I can remove it, I assume handling it is ok or are there specific instructions on this as well? Thanks guys and gals.

    The setup is similar to this:

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