I need to install a sump pump. I have lived in this house for 32 years and have been flooded three times since 1997. I had 5 inches of rain yesterday and that was the last straw. I kept watching the basement for water, saw nothing, and then in a flash I was flooded. I have several questions. First, has anyone used a Saber sump basin and a StormPro pump. The pump has something called a ION Digital Level Control. The Saber basin is perforated and supposedly designed to work with this pump. Next question.
I live in a rural area. The floor drain from my house runs 200 feet to the storm drain by the highway in front of my house. Today I put a garden hose in the drain. I turned the water on full blast and walked to the highway to see where it came out. I found it, bubbling out of the bank. I did not put this drain in, the previous owner did. What are your thoughts of discharging the sump through this drain ? The basement area is 30x50 and is finished with four rooms. I do not know this to be a fact, but I was tols that the floor is 9" thick. Supposedly there was a screw up when the basement floor was poured. It was not properly chalked off. I was told that there is 30 yards of concrete in the floor. I guess I will find out when the pit is dug. In any case, I am an old man seeking advie, and any help is appreciated.