Hi. I am a new homeowner and thus new to this forum as well. We have been here all of six months and of course the well system has now developed problems.

Pressure switch meter reads zero, it is not cycling, the pump just keeps running. I would guess there is probably 10 psi at the faucets. Showers are weak at best.

I had someone just here to look at it, no testing done they just want to replace everything = new pump, bladder tank, pressure switch and also offered to cut out the iron pipe and replace with brass. $1500, seems like a reasonable estimate if not a good price altogether? Two-wire pump with capacitor, bigger tank. Currently an Amtrol 20gal, pump has like SIX wires going to it??? I think it is about a twenty-year old install.

But I can't help thinking I could get a couple more years out of this system for cheap if it's just the pressure switch. How does one know? If the pump is running OK wouldn't there be better pressure available, or the tank is what generates the pressure?

Thanks for any help, guys (and gals)!!!