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Thread: Basement Shower Install

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    Default Basement Shower Install


    I am putting in a bathroom in my basement. On the cold wall I put 2 inch pink styrofoam insulation from corning and I then framed a wall over that. the shower is going in the corner where one wall will be next to the pink stuff and the other wall will be against a dry/warm wall. Is the pink stuff good for a vapor barrier against the cold wall, and do I need to put a vapor barrier where the warm wall is? I am going to use Durock Cement Board for the walls.

    I appreciate any suggestions


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    The "pink stuff" is extruded foam, and acts as a vapor retarder. Because of it's fire and smoke spread characteristics, it must be covered with a 15 minute thermal barrier when used indoors. Drywall is the only approved barrier I am aware of, though there might be others.

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    Shower must be fitted to the cold side of the tap and you must use a small and handy shower which can be easily fitted and don't create any problem to get fitted and it will fit in small space also.
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