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Thread: Pitless adapter stuck

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    Default Pitless adapter stuck

    I need to pull my 4" pump out of the well because it stopped pumping (getting 240V at the wellhead but no water is coming out). The adapter is about 2ft below grade and the pull pipe comes up about 1ft below the top of the well case.

    For the life of me I cannot get this thing out. My brother and I both tried, wiggling it around hoping it would come loose no luck. I have an extra piece of pipe that I tried to couple to the pull pipe for better grip/leverage but the pull pipe is rusted a bit and I can't get it threaded on there (and I know it's the right size b/c i used this extra pipe when installing the pump). I got a tiny steel brush in there with some PB Blaster to clean up the threads the best I could but no dice.

    It's only been in the ground for 3yrs; I had to replace the motor in 2008 because it failed (after only 3yrs of service). I'm at my wits end here! Any help is appreciated!!

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    I once watched a pump guy start pulling on one that was stuck like that. He had his hoist under full tension when the pitless let go and the pipe shot up out of the casing about 15 feet before falling back down.

    I would work hard to get that other piece of pipe on there. You can use a larger section of pipe 2-3 feet long as a slide hammer to pound it upward against the bottom of a tee on the pull handle a few times.

    Since you put it in, you sound sure there is no cable release or anything. Make sure you have it tied off good in case something lets go.

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    Thanks for the advice.

    The extension pipe was NOT going on there.

    I finally got it off by gripping the threads with a vice grips and attaching a tie-down that I use for hauling my motorcycle. I got the strap wrapped around my hand/wrist and dead lifted; it popped right out. Upon inspection there was a bur left from threading the pipe that was keeping the threads from starting.

    The 3-year-old motor is toast. I'll be starting another thread about that.

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