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Thread: Sprinkler's will not turn on! Help!

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    Default Sprinkler's will not turn on! Help!

    I started up my sprinkler system this spring and now the sprinklers will not turn on unless I turn them on manually. My system is plugged in and programmed but everytime it turns and to run the system runs but the sprinklers will not come on, it came on once when I turned the system on, but now it will not work unless I open the valves manually. I have rainbird dv 100 valves and I am fairly sure that one of my sealnoids is not working correctly, would this make all 6 zones stop working? Can anyone help me get my system in sync, so that I don't have to manually open each valve to water!


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    I would check the ground wire very carefully. The ground wire is linked from the controller to each solenoid and the connectors are either special waterproof wire nuts or regular wire nuts with silicone. It sounds like the connection is broken prior to the first solenoid since none of them work. If part of them work, then the connection is broken after the last working one.

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    You have a broken "common" wire, (NOT a "ground" wire), or a bad controller, a controller with a tripped internal circuit breaker, or even a timer which has been "reset" and all the zones are turned off. There can be other reasons, but these are the most common.

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