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Thread: Toilet installation help - toilet sits on flange

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    Default Toilet installation help - toilet sits on flange

    This looks like a cool forum. This is my first time posting. I am installing a new toilet to get some better flushing performance. Purchased a Eljer Titan 4. Replacing a Kohler low flow from the early 90's or 80's. Always have to flush twice on #2.

    The issue is the toilet rocks arround on the closet flange. The old toilet has about a 1/4" more clearance underneath so there was no interference. Here are some details. I took pics but can't find my camera cable...grrrrrr.

    -Installing on concete basement floor.
    -Floor is tiled up to the the flange. Floor is level in all direction.
    -Closet flange is the original cast iron pipe from 37yrs ago.
    -Closet flange is not level. Front is 1/4" higher than back.This translates to allot over the full length of the toilet base. Still need to measure that.
    -Front of flange is about 3/4" above the tile. I estimate it needs to come down 1/4".
    -Flange is solid and not rusted out.

    How should I adress this. I am assuming it is best to have the toilet as flush to the floor as possible since the floor is level.
    -Shim it? Seems like it would be a large gap to shim. The whole toilet will have to sit on shims.
    -Is the closet flange removable? (i.e twist of)
    -Cut off the flange to replace it?
    -What would be the best way to replace it if yes on that? I have seen a few choices. The type that screw to the floor. Also seen a type that slips into the pipe with an expanding seal to hold it in place.
    -Will replacing the flange make a difference since the pipe receiving it is not perpendicular to the floor.
    -maybe grind down the flange front to get some clearance.
    Please help. I am tired of flushing twice.
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