Hello, I had a well drilled back in November, and finally have gotten to the point of getting a pump set and sent off for a water test. The water test is back and I need some help understanding some of the numbers and getting some help with what type of filtration I need. Here is some of the information about the well.

Drilled Depth - 165 ft.
Hit water at - 135 ft.
Static Water level - 80 ft.
Diameter - 6" rock bore
recovery rate - 10gpm
Pump - 3/4 hp 12 gpm pump

Now for the test results (All results reported in mg/l unless otherwise indicated

pH - 6.82
Dissolved Solids - 148
Arsenic - <0.05
Harness - 48
Iron - 1.00
Manganese - 0.101
Nitrogen, Nitrate - .260
Sulfates - 13
Turbidity - 22 FTU
Total Coliform - 6 Colonies/100ml

I don't know much about any of those numbers except that the Total Coliform scares me. The well has never been shocked, the driller didn't shock the well back in November when it was drilled, and it was never shocked after the pump was set about a month ago. Is shocking it the right thing to do and re-test. Or should I get some filtration to take care of the bacteria?