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Thread: shower temp mixing valve question

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    Default shower temp mixing valve question

    Hi, I have a Grohe shower set, has a rain shower head and also body spray. There is a control for the shower head and also a control for the body spray and a also a seperate control for the temperature.

    For some reason, the temperature valve does not "mix" the hot and cold water, I either get all hot or all cold but nothing in between. If I take the cover off and adjust the temperature setting, i can turn it to the point where it gets hot then if I back it off, it doesn't temper down it just stays hot and then all of a sudden it will go cold.

    Is there any other adjustment that I need to make?

    Appreciate the help.

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    Take the cover plates off the valve take a picture of it and post it. Someone might be able to help you then.

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    Your core must be sticking or has failed.

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