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Thread: Intake vs. Discharge sizing (shallow well)

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    Default Intake vs. Discharge sizing (shallow well)

    I use my shallow well pump for irrigation only. Set at 40/20 psi. Intake is 1 inch pvc-discharge 3/4 inch pex to spigot.

    I have got it to where the pump will not turn off as long as I have 3 sprinklers minimum hooked up to it.

    However, when I do hook 3 sprinklers up to it, the pump keeps at about 35 psi but the sprinklers are not exactly super high volume. Acceptable, but could be better.

    Should I increase my intake to 1 1/4 or 1 1/2? Would this increase my volume to a point to where maybe I could use less sprinklers to keep the pump running? Or will I be limited to the 3/4 inch discharge (that I do not want to change.)

    I've learned a lot with this little project of mine and appreciate all the help!

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    Try turing the pressure switch up to 30/50 and see if you can run only 2 sprinklers without cycling.

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