Well...after much consideration, we bought a softener system online & my husband has the install about completed. The co. we purchased the unit from said they would help w/ the settings but we can't reach them & things are starting to unravel. So, hopefully, you guys can give us an assist b4 things deteriorate any further.

Our water is city provided, hardness=25, no iron/mag. We are av. users (175 gal per day av.) & were looking to regen. about every 7 days w/ the goal of reducing our salt consumption, which was bankrupting us w/ our old system.

After lots of calculations, we had decided that 12# of potassium chloride per regen. would be about right with this size system...but now neither of us can remember how we came up with that. I do recall using a link that I found on this forum which was very helpful, but I never bookmarked it.

Could any of you lend us an assist in confirming the 12# figure? Or other settings that might need changing, for that matter?

BTW, things seem to be calming down here...hubby has become momentarily distracted by the ballgame