On the softener sizing chart it instructs you to measure the flow from a tub and tells you how to do that. From there it tells you to call him to get the SFR gpm you need. What is the rest of the formula? I followed his test and came up with ~6.5 gpm from the tub. I have 2 bathrooms and one kitchen sink, washer and one outside faucet.

As far as usage, I do wash the car regularly when it's warm enough. I live alone, at least for now and the immediate foreseeable future. Shower, wash dishes daily. Sometimes I use the tub when my back hurts and do a couple/few loads of laundry per week, usually on the weekends.

My water test showed hardness at 45 mg/l, divided by 17.1 = 2.63. My iron was .38 * 4= 1.52 and my Manganese was .078 * 2 = .156. 2.63+1.52+.156=4.306, rounded up to 5. I am adding an acid neutralizer which someone mentioned would add 5 grains of hardness so add 5 for the AN and that puts me at ~10 grains of hardness. Did I do that right?

I am thinking of getting a 1.5 cu ft softener still, for expansion, even though it seems like I could use a 1 cu ft. for now.

Another concern I have is will the AN reduce the flow very much. If I put a softener after the the AN will I have enough gpm to properly backflush the softener? I have a spindown and an inline filter but plan on removing the inline filter and just letting the AN filter what the inline filters out now.

Thanks foe any help.