Hi all:
Hoping you can help put me on the right track here, but I know the solution does is unlikely to be DIY here. (You just helped me solve a simple upside down Moen cartridge)

Lived in this condo for about 4 years. Noticed about a week ago that if i touched by stainless steel kitchen sink and the stainless steel front of my dishwasher at the same time I was getting a shock. Can't say I remember it happening before, and I am fairly sure at some time in 4 years I would have touched those 2 things at the same time. To be on the safe side, shut off the breaker for the dishwasher till I got it dealt with.

But just now, screwing on a new shower head, I am fairly certain i got a mild shock from THAT.
Again, have done some light plumbing in this place before and don't remember this happening.

The pipes are copper through the building, much of it treated with epoxy Ace Duroflow because of a pinhole problem. Building is circa 1968.

My instinct is that this is a building problem, and someone has changed something or such.

Anyone else have thoughts on if this is likely in my unit, vs a a greater problem that the building should be looking into?

Thanks a ton.