I have a kind of goofy problem and don't know where else to turn to. I've tried a few other forums and so far, my issue hasn't been resolved.

I have a Fleck 2510 64k softener that I installed myself. I have extremely hard water. Testing from a home test kit gave me the following info...

- Hardness: 425 ppm
- No iron
- 2 people in the home now.

When we received the softener, it was suppose to be set for all of our info. I'm assuming it was. Since it's just two people here and we don't use much water, it took a few weeks for it to count down from '21k' on the dial. I noticed that after about a week or so, the water stopped being 'soft'. It's not to the point where it leaves the dishes white in the dishwasher, but the soap doesn't sud. I didn't think much of it, then a week later and the dishwasher started making the dishes white. I checked the dial and there was about 12k left before regen. Just for kicks, I did a manual regen, and a day or two later, everything was back to normal. BTW, it takes a day or two for the water in the hot water heater to become soft, that's why the gap. I've been playing around with the "people dial" to dial it down. I'm attempting for it to do a regen every week, but it still seems to have this issue where the soap doesn't sud as much, which leads me to believe that the water is becoming hard.

For my setup, I have the mains going into a FlowMax 20 micron filter, which is then connected to the water softener, and then out to the faucets. I use Morton's Solar Salt but that's becoming harder and harder to find around here, so I think I may switch to System Saver II. I check the brine tank just about every other week, and it has never run out of salt....or even come half-way empty. I have the drain line connected to the softener by way of a 1/2" plastic tubing, which gets drained out by running vertically up to a drain, which is about 5' of length.

I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions on where to go from here. Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!