Hello All, and Thank You Terry Love for these nice Forums.

I have a 2 inch water Well and was Looking at my Packer adapter on the top of the well where the Pump mounts, It is a vertical mount deep well Pump.

What I thought was a 1.25 inch Nipple adapter has a Square 1/4" hole in it, Could this be Normal ?

I find it hard to believe that a Square Hole would Rust into a Round Nipple, The Nipple is about 6 inches long and connects to the first section of the 1.25 inch drop pipe.

Could this be part of the Air Volume Control System ?

I read somewhere that there was a valve in the well for the AVC, and wounder if that could be part of it ?

I don't understand how a 1/4 X 1/4 inch opening could Auto-Magically appear.

Thanks For any info.