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As a general rule, those with guard dogs object to authority run amuck, and do not pull permits.

The insulation of the internal wires on a electric water heater are a moot point as the electrician brings wires into the recessed can at the top of the heater.

The hottest portion, and these wires have whatever insulation on them that he happened to have on his truck.
The sweet thing about inspectors here is if they see something being built or work being done they can obtain an administrative search warrant to enter the property for the inspection process whether or not a permit was obtained by the builder or not. Of course there are limitations to this rule but it does not stop inspectors in this tight economy today.
If no permit was obtained by the builder the inspector can have the meter pulled on that property until they are in compliance.

It was you who brought up the conductors inside the water heater stating they were either THW, 75 degree or THHN 90 degree conductors. I was just wondering which the water heaters where you live have. I know that in my area they are something different.