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Thread: Problem with NTI Ti-150...

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    Default Problem with NTI Ti-150...

    Notable system features: NTI Ti-150 boiler, natural gas.
    Aermotor 75 Well pump, mounted to a tank (~35-55psi settings)

    I just recently bought a house, and it uses the Ti-150 for both the baseboard heating (2-zones), and for all the homes domestic hot water.
    The system works great, except for when zone(s) are active, and you're continuously using domestic; taking a shower for instance. When the pressure gets low (towards 35psi) you seem to lose hot water in the shower. This takes approx. 45 seconds to remedy itself, and then hot water is once again restored; until the next tank fill-up.

    Any ideas? Or what other information do I need to provide to better assist in troubleshooting my problem.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Your bladder tank may not have the proper precharge. Shut the pump off, open a faucet to relieve any pressure, then using a tire pressure gauge, check the pressure of the bladder tank. It should be 1-2# lower than when the pump turns on. If the precharge is wrong, or the tank is shot, it will get a false indication of the pressure, and may not reliably turn the pump on before you run out of water. Setting the static pressure in the tank to a point lower than the turn-on means that there will still be a little water in the tank and give the pump a chance to come on to recharge it; otherwise, you run out, then the pump starts to restore it.
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