Had a 1.5 cf Watts system with a Clack WS-1 valve installed. I'm on city water, total hardness runs 12-15 grains depending on the report from the city. It's a 2 person household, about 1900 sf, with a peak flow of 12 gpm from the bath. The installer programmed it for 40K, with 9 lbs of salt usage between generations leaving it up to the meter to decide when it should regenerate.

I'm not sure this is the best program settings based on reading other posts. Unfortunately this isn't the CS electronics (that I can tell) and although it resembles the valve in every way, the program options don't come up.

Has anyone any suggestions to make this an efficient salt user and give me a good feeling that is is programmed at the peak settings?

I'm up for any berating that may follow.