We're getting ready to do the rough in plumbing on our new home. I'm not sure I completely understand just how much of the plumbing needs to be installed prior to the first "rough-in" inspection and testing.

In the DWV system:
Our county allows us to do a water test so that's what we are planning to do. I realize that each opening except for the highest one (on the roof) must be plugged:

**Do we install the traps and the tail piece that will will connect to lav, sinks and tub?

**Do we install the stand pipe for the washing machine?

If not, at what point do we stop running pipe to the fixtures?

As for the water distribution system:

We are installing a Manabloc homerum system. The water supply line will come from the well, into the basement then into the pressure tank. From there it will go through 3 water filters (sediment, iron, and carbon). Then it goes to a tee with one line leading to the water heater and the other leading to the Manabloc. We have all the appliances here ready to go and the filters are mounted on the wall, but I was wondering if we should bypass any or all of these prior to the rough-in air pressure test.

**Pressure tank
**Water heater

In other words, I'm not sure where the testing starts.

Also I had planned to use the stop valves at each fixture as the plug on each line for the pressure test. Do the flexible the water supply lines for each fixture have to be included? Again, I need to know where it should stop.

I know we have to have a tee with a pressure gauge installed for the test. Will someone tell me the name of the fitting that I need that would have the valve and connector to receive air from the compressor?

Thanks a bunch.