Hey guys first post here. Brief introduction, Im an IT contractor and have worked in building maintenance for 10 years in the far past. I do all of my own handywork. I can do everything well, especially good with millwork, plumbing and electrical...but I have not done a tub yet.

I have a 5' wide cookie cutter bathroom with an 80's fiberglass tub/shower one piece combo. I will be "sawzalling" it out and replacing it with an Americast tub and either tile or marble panel surrounds. My question is since the tub is basically stud to stud in the bathroom (wider than the drywalled area), will I need to destroy all of the walls to get the new one in it in? I am hoping to save the walls by walking the new tub into place vertically and flipping it down into place.

If you watch this video you'll see the exact situation I will be dealing with. In fact, thats the same tub. You will see a remark on the video which asks the same question but the answer doesn't tell me a whole lot. If you have experience with this let me know what you did.