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Thread: Smelly toilet, tried many things

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    Default Smelly toilet, tried many things

    Hi All,

    I have a Toto toilet (single flush, no gadgetry) thats about 5-6 years old in our masterbath. Its in it's own little room in the bathroom. We have a constant smell in there even with the fan running 24 hours a day and door shut. See some pictures attached.

    - there is about 1" between the back of the toilet and the wall. On the other side of the wall is a shower. Toilet is on the 2nd floor.

    Here's some history:
    Part 1
    - drain flies appeared and I noticed some water leaking behind the toilet. There was a smell
    - I removed the toilet to find a big brown slurry mess and the unifit adaptor. The rubber seal from the unifit stuck to the toilet when I lifted it off. That appeared to be the leak point, but hard to tell.
    - after cleaning I removed the unifit, cleaned more, scraped off the wax ring. cleaned more. Flange is metal.
    - replaced the wax ring with a #10 (not quite a double high ring) as the flange is slightly below the floor by about 0.5"
    - put the unifit back on. cleaned rubber seal, attached the rubber seal to unifit, seated the toilet.

    Part 2
    - waited a day for smell to air out, but it didn't. seemed to grow stronger as a few days went by. had door closed with exhaust fan running
    - removed toilet and took the rubber seal off. replaced the tie wrap with a similar heavy duty one. Tightened as hard as I could
    - reseated toilet

    Part 3
    - waited about an hour, no change in smell.had door closed with exhaust fan running
    - removed toilet, applied silicone caulk to the inside of the rubber seal where it attaches to the unifit. smushed it down
    - reseated toilet

    Part 4
    - waited 10-15 min, no change with fan running
    - removed toilet, applied silicon caulk to where the rubber seal meets the toilet, reseated toilet

    Part 5
    - waited 10-15 min, no change with fan running
    - bolted toilet down,
    - caulked around base of toilet, sealed off back of toilet (its open and exposed to the unifit) using tape (hard to tell how good a job I did), sealed side panels with tape (where bolts are),

    Part 6
    - waited 10-15 mins, no change with fan running
    - checked roof vents for apparent clogs , couldn't see down the pipe further than one foot.

    The room stills smells for the last 2 days, fan running constantly.

    Other ideas:
    - smell is seeping through bolt holes that fasten the seat down to the bowl.
    - some strange plumbing vent clog that is only causing smells in that toilet room. I don't hear any bubbling noises anywhere in the house.
    - the rubber seal has an inner lip and an outer lip. The unifit fits between the two. This is unlike the photo shown in this thread where the rubber seal is surrounded by the unifit. Am I right?

    What do you all think?

    Thanks again for this great resource for do-it-yourself home repair!

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