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Thread: water diverter

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    Default water diverter

    Hi, ok first off I'm new to both this forum and pretty much plumbing in general, so I apologize ahead of time for maybe asking a dumb question. I have searched and can't seem to find the answer to my question. So I thought all the experienced people on here can slap me strait.
    I have built a custom shower enclosure and have decided to put in body sprays or jets. My question comes in to the diverter. I happen to have an extra 2 handle thermostatic valve, one controls the volume of water flow the other the mixing temp. If I turn this over, can this be used in reverse (as a diverter), using the port that normally would go to the shower as the intake (after my other thermostatic valve) the mixer valve going to two different body sprays (one off of the cold and one off the hot) both adjustable with the hot cold portion of the valve and the volume control still acting as a separate volume control for both jets??
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    Unlikely as you portray it. Many thermostatically controlled valve also have some pressure balanced functions internal to them, so to work, it would need both hot and cold inputs. You could break out those body sprays and use the valve to control both the on/off/volume/temp on a totally separate circuit.
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    Ja, like Jim said, you're snookered by the pressure balance spool in the valve. What you need is something like these:


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