I've been trying to troubleshoot a problem with my Culligan Iron-Cleer filter. The water flow from my household fixtures has been getting progressively slower and slower over a few weeks. From reading other posts here, I came to suspect that something related to the aeration tank might be clogged. To verify that the filtering system may be involved in the flow problem, I put it in bypass mode and the water flow from the faucets was much better.

As a first step in trying to resolve the problem, I decided to check the screen located inside the strainer housing. To prepare for this I unplugged the electrical connection to the compressor, shutoff the water supply, and placed the filter in bypass mode. When I started unscrewing the strainer housing, water began forcefully gushing from around the housing. I tightened the housing back down to stop the water from gushing out. I didn't want to proceed for fear of causing additional problems.

Can someone tell me if there is a way to remove and clean the screen without flooding my basement in the process?

This is a link to the user's guide for my unit. The strainer is pictured on pages 15 and 31.

Thank you for any assistance,