I am getting this question out in advance of knowning the size and material of my water service: right now what I have is a hole in the front yard slowly filling with water, and its getting dark so I am putting off fully exposing the pipe.

I expect to find 3/4" copper, but my house is almost 100 years old so if its the original service it could be something else.

Anyhow, from what I have been able to tell, I have a pinhole-sized leak. I don't want to replace the service at this point, that will be a major job involving removing a retaining wall etc. etc. I just want a quick fix, recognizing that it may not last forever.

So... are there ready-made repair couplings or other do-dads that I can buy to handle this problem or will I need to be replacing a length of service and splicing in a new piece with compression fittings, or...

Any suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated!