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Thread: Ideal dock wiring Questions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwelectric View Post
    You know that in a series circuit that the total resistance will be all the resistances added together.
    With someone in series with the earth the total resistance will be the human plus the earth and the total amount of the current will be through the human in or out of the water.
    With a parallel circuit the human will only carry that portion of current that is not carried by the equipment grounding conductor but if that equipment grounding conductor is cut then the human becomes part of a series circuit and carries the blunt force of the faulted current.
    This is basic electricity and is taught in the first semester of class. ...........
    I think this may be where our difference or argument is getting confused. If there is a fault current to a dock connected to a ground rod then a swimmer contacting the metal dock does not become PART OF A SERIES CIRCUIT... That swimmer becomes PARALLEL to the return path of that earth ground circuit. Those electrons traveling through a metal dock, as you point out, seek a path back to the transformer through the earth... with all of it's resistance, stray voltages and sine waves and straight waves and curly waves....and all the salts of the earth... if there is no continuous route to the neutral of the transformer or power company's generator. If the POCO had never driven a ground rod this danger would not exist.... right???
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