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Thread: Ideal dock wiring Questions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballvalve View Post
    Oh Oh, is this becoming an enforcement-reporting forum too? If I post that I didn't vent my tub and ran my washer drain to the garden, may I expect a visit from the code locals? [!] And now that I JB welded my water tank, will ASME be out to cuff me?

    As to bonding / grounding the floating aluminum docks, it seems Aluminum wire would [should] have to be used rather than copper, lest one build a big battery.
    BV... and don't forget that you can't use dissimilar materials when doing plumbing.. .you can't glue PVC to ABS no matter how good it sticks together!

    No plumbing inspector would let you glue ABS to PVC
    Two entirely different materials.
    EXACTLY Terry!

    And if an absolute enforcement of every letter of the law was followed then I could not even change a light bulb for my momma if she in turn cooked my dinner....
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