So recently, my 2yr old water softener, has been running out of soft water regularly. Checking things over, I found that there were some softener beads where the softener drain line exits. I then pulled the softener apart, and found the tank was about 1/2 full of beads. The tank is a 8"Dx47". The softener seems to cycle properly and does produce soft water. Looking further, I notice that the WS1, has a white injector(V3010-1E) installed and a 2.7gal/min drain line restrictor.

From the Clack WS1 manual, it looks like Clack suggests this injector is for 10" tanks. Not sure if the drain line restrictor is also recommended for 10"tanks or not.

Is it likely that this problem has been caused an incorrectly sized injector and restrictor, or do I need to look further?