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Thread: Chlorine pump advise for water treatment needed.

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    Default Chlorine pump advise for water treatment needed.


    I have a stenner pump that stopped working. Something is seized but I am not sure what it is. I think it is in the flow rate controller but I can't get it off. I can turn it to release it but it is stuck on the shaft. I tried pry bars and mallets and can budge it. The pump head was really stuck too, but I got that off. At one point I had a crack in my supply line which sprayed bleach all over everything so that might have contributed.


    1. Is there any way to get this apart so I can check for damage and repair?

    2. The parts seem very expensive even if it can be repaired. Is it even worth messing with or should I just get a new pump?

    3. Is the stenner the best solution or would I be better off with another pump type/brand?



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    I think I would just replace the whole pump. Stenner is good.

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