I got this birthday coming up again, which I don't mind, but with my drivers license renewal they slipped this piece of paper in with it. It said, " MATURE DRIVER IMPROVEMENT COURSE"

WHAT? What are they saying? That I am old, that I am getting old, and I can't drive well anymore? These courses are offered to those over 55 and they come with a cost but they after they slap you into senility they offer you a 5% discount on your auto insurance.

I want them to tell me to my face that I am mature. I will never be mature, I will always be annoying ( like a coworker told me once) irritating as hell, and never take much serious. But, now... they stepped on my stilettos.

This "mature" person can still run a mile under 6 minutes, okay, it isn't great but, it ain't bad either. For my age.

I was so disturbed that I had to go shopping.