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Thread: On center water supply

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    Default On center water supply

    I am looking for toilet recommendations to replace an existing toilet, but the challenge is the rough-in dimensions. Of course, I want a toilet that flushes well, such as a Toto Drake, Vespin, or similar.

    The flange centerline is 11.75" from the finished wall, and 10.75" from the 4" high, one inch thick marble baseboard.

    So far, no problem. A Toto Unifit toilet with a 10" RI adapter would be great.

    However, the water supply is on center! i.e. straight behind the toilet.

    What do I do?

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    Talking shorten the nipple

    If I understand you correctly the water line comes up
    directly behind the toilet???

    just shorten the nipple comming out of the wall

    then install a new stop or put an elbow on it

    whichever works out the best.....and then get yourself a

    16 inch flexible braided stainless steel supply line

    and install it... and just forget about it.

    sometimes looks under a toilet arent worth the time
    or trouble to make look all that pretty.

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    Flexible lines have made connect appliances super easy and, in the case of appliances that might move, safer from breaking connections. Do avoid sharp bends of the line by using an elbow or and ell shaped cut off valve.

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    Maybe I should clairfy:
    The problem is not routing the line from the shut-off valvle to the toilet. I was always going to use a flexible line for that.

    The problem is the space occupied by the shut-off valve is also the space occupied by the toilet trapway. Even the most compact shut-off valves extend 2-3 inches from the wall, and the Toto unifit trapway sits pretty close to the wall.

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    If you move the water supply with a copper 90 el, it may work.

    I did one like that in Seattle a few weeks ago.


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