Hello, I have a 200 amp Westinghouse main panel, I've installed a 60 amp breaker and ran 6/3 wire to a stab lok sub panel, which will power a small suite. I installed a Noma fan forced wall heater 240v from a 20 amp 2 pole breaker and used 12/2 wire to the heaters. When I energized the sub the heater did not work, the lights plugs etc did. I then checked for power at the heater and had 119v at each leg, I then disconnected a baseboard heater 240v in another room and connected the noma heater and it worked. Thinking it could be my wiring connections I disconnected the wires of the double 20 amp in the sub and connected them to a double 20 in the main and it worked. Then I figured that maybe I had the wrong breaker in the sub so I connected the wired to a double 30 in the sub still didn't work. I then checked for voltage at the legs coming into the sub and found I had 119v there. So is this the wrong sub panel for 240v or what I'm stumped, would appreciate any help.