Those carriers are not going within harms way by risk of radiation exposure.

A 20 mile radius is being enacted in a no-fly zone and the US Navy has detected elevated levels... 200 miles away.

They've already mentioned that some, as many as 150 of the US Navy have been exposed to radiation. Their efforts now can lead to lifelong cancers, death down the road, when all of this mass tragedy is a memory.

They have snow in the forecast, rain which will bring that radioactive cloud to the ground. It's invisible death... you cannot see or smell it... just symptoms.

I don't care what the news says; NO ONE knows the exact amount of radiation is coming from that area, and if I was on the west coast (California/Oregon/Washington) I'd be buying up every iodide pill available, along with access to a bunker.

As great as information trading is today, there are statements/revelations that are being held back in that country to stop mass chaos/fleeing.

There's going to be mass death occurring there in the next 2-5 months and no one wants to talk about it.

And no one wants to talk about these russian seismologists predicting a megaquake on the west coast.

These russians wouldn't be saying this unless they meant it.

Go check their history of predictions and you'll be scared into a new life.

Lots of things going on with the earth right now in regards to magnetics... this is the reason for a lot of things changing, the frequency.

Guess who's the biggest buyer of bunkers right now?

U.S. Government

Why do you think the space shuttle program is shut down?

Something huge is coming in 2012