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Thread: 2 small bath redo's - need Toto toliet reco's

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    Default 2 small bath redo's - need Toto toliet reco's

    Terry, your website is a godsend!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I have an older home with 2 small bathrooms and we are replacing both toilets. The stack in the upstairs bath is also getting replaced. I want to use Toto toilets and need ones that are least likely to clog and stay clean. Not clogging/overflowing is a big priority. My husband is 6 1 so I'm assuming an elongated toilet? The current toilets fit the space well so I need to stay about the same in dimensions or they will stick out too far. The powder room toliet is currently 28" tall and 19" deep from the front of tank to the front of toilet seat. The 2nd floor toilet is 30.5" tall and 20" deep from the front of tank to the front of toilet. Any recommendations? I need to decide within the next couple of days!! Thanks!!

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    If you wish to brows the Toto selections, go to the upper right corner of this page where you will find "Toilet Reviews" Click on that and you will go to another page where you will find "Shopping for Toilets" Click that link and find "Toto Toilets". There you can scroll through the many choices you have for Toto toilets. The specifications for each model is included for each model. Elongated toilets are male friendly regardless of the man's height, and are pretty much the bowl selection most buyers made. You should know that toilets come in 3 bowl heights. The old standard, Comfort, and ADA. A person of average height and above usually prefer either the Comfort or ADA. All Toto toilets flush well and do not have clogging issues, so that should not be a concern. Some have better bowl wash than others, and some have the Sanagloss treatment option which helps keep the bowl clean. You can order a Toto from most any plumbing shop even if they don't stock them. As you can see by the number of models, sizes, and colors, it would be virtually impossible to maintain an inventory with every possible toilet available to take home. You will have to know the rough-in requirements for your toilets. This is determined by measuring from the flange bolts on the toilet base to the finished wall behind the toilet, not including molding.

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    Most of the newer toilets will have a thinner tank, so your dimension from the front of the tank is meaningless...you need to know the maximum distance allowed from the wall. Also, keep in mind that the dimensions shown in the drawings assume that the toilet flange is at a standard location (normally 12" to the center of the drain from the finished wall - usually the distance to the bolts that hold the toilet is the center of the drain).
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