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Thread: Taylor goes to Washington

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    Default Taylor goes to Washington

    Taylor goes to Washington.
    This week Taylor visited my brother James Packard Love in Washington DC, a pretty cool experience for someone that grew up in the rainy Northwest where coffee, jets and software are king.
    I clipped a few pictures from his Facebook here.

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    His picture from the memorial, it's good to see that he's taking this in.

    Name:  taylor_maria_pallante.jpg
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    Here's a picture of me with Maria Pallante, the acting register of the United States copyright office.

    Taylor's shirt is a project he worked on while in High School, Micro Loans for Third World countries.

    Name:  taylor_what.jpg
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    I don't know what this is. But I thought it look kind of cool.

    Name:  taylor_nyc_1.jpg
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    This must be New York
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    I'm glad Taylor got to see the real America.

    He's welcome back any time.

    I think he should consider getting a job in DC one day.

    President, perhaps?

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