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    I have been out of the classroom for a number of years and have wondered if teachers still are doing, " show & tell." Well, yesterday, I found that they still are!

    I have a part time job at a shop where we sell medical supplies etc, and a little girl comes in with her mom and while she is busy shopping or trying on things, I entertain, little Sara. I sit her on the counter and we play with the 300.00 stethoscopes. I let her listen to her heart, my heart, and when her mom is about, her heart. She loves it, but I didn't know just how much until, yesterday.

    Little Sara comes in with a big smile on her face and says, " Cookie, I have something to ask you." I said, " anything." Next I was hearing, " Cookie, will you come be my show & tell?"


    Usually, show & tell, is a hamster, or a cat, or a favorite toy, but a real person? Me?

    She went saying that she wants her entire Kindergarten class of friends to hear their heart "thumping," and to meet, Cookie.

    I didn't realize this. But, her mom said that she always asks her when we are going to visit Cookie.

    Little Sara owns 2 princess dresses which she loves, and she makes her own beaded jewerly. Yesterday, she only had on one earring because she lost her other "ear."

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    Oh, I had a wonderful time at Show & Tell! It was so much fun. I went around the room asking, what their parents did for a living. It kind of reminded me of the movie, Kindergarten Cop. What got me laughing one was little girl, who said, " my mommy said, my dad is real cranky & rude, he is a plumber."

    HA HA HA HA HA...

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