I am looking for some advice. I recently had a new well drilled and the old one plugged. The results of the water test are:

Turbidity = 2.6 NTU
PH = 5.9 Std. units
Iron = 0.38 mg/L
Manganese = 0.078 mg/L
Sodium 5.5 mg/L
Iron + Manganese 0.46 mg/L
Hardness 45 mg/L
Lead .0021
Alkalinity 40
E-Coli negative
Total coliform negative

I initially was just going to get a softener and an under the sink reverse osmosis system. It appears I should treat the acidity though as well so now I am thinking Acid Neutrilizer, softener and RO for drinking water. Based on these results should I be considering anything else? Thanks.