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Thread: Panasonic In-line fan questions

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    Default Panasonic In-line fan questions

    I'd like to vent two, currently unvented, bathrooms using a single Panasonic FV-10NLF1 In-line Vent Fan. It's their smallest unit and is rated for 120 CFM. Each bathroom is about 5' x 9' (45 sf). I'd like the fan to turn on when the main light switch is turned on in either bathroom, i.e. one device controlled by two independent switches. What is the best and legal way to wire this configuration? Also, the fan would seem to be a little overpowered for just one bathroom (probably 50 CFM is all that is needed for each bathroom)... maybe even for two. Will this cause me any problems? Thanks for all your help!

    In case you're wondering, the inline fan is about my only reasonable option for venting these bathrooms. There is no attic space to install a conventional vent fan, nor can I use a wall fan direct to the outside (for multiple reasons). I plan to install the inline fan in a bedroom closet adjacet to the bathrooms.

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    If there is a shower or tub in either or both rooms, then I consider 50 CFM way undersize, even though "by the book" it is ok. Nothing wrong with 120 cfm.

    Electrically, it would work fine to simply have the two switches control the fan in parallel. But I will wait for the electricians, because there may be code issues with switches in two different rooms controlling a remote device.

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    You could use something like the wireline signaling stuff from www.smarthome.com where the fan was wired to an appropriate relay module. You could turn it on/off from numerous places, and some of the controls have an indicator to show you whether it is on or off. Search through the Insteon or X10, stuff. Less expensive would be just a 3-way set of switches (I'd look for one with an indictor light).
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    Thanks for the replies. I like the smarthome idea, but its really too expensive. The inline fan arrangement is going to be expensive enough as it is.

    One thought I had as far as the electrical configuration is to get power (and switching) from the light switch of the first bathroom, and then replace the light switch in the second bathroom with a double pole, single throw toggle switch. So, one pole of the switch would turn on that bathroom's light, and the other pole of the switch would be in parallel with the switch of the first bathroom. Seems like it would work... just haven't come across that before.

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