Hi everyone - need help - just purchased home (new contruction) that was setting for about 9-12 months after completion. Before moving in - local county tested water made builder install salt water softner system & flush well (ran water from hose bib for 3 days) Prior to moving in I had water chemical feeder installed (low Ph level) & rv under sink system installed. Moved in on a mon by thurs water was cloudy, bad odor & had sand in it. To date builder has:

1) flushed/cleaned hot water heater
2) Redevelped the well - using forced air
3) cleaned water storage tank

Now 12 hours after "redeveloping" the salt & feeder systems are not hooked up - but water is cloudy with a light brown tint - no noticable sand - and slight odor

I think the odor will go away once filters are reintroduced tomorrow. not sure

Any help or advise of what to expect would be nice

The well is 200'