I have searched the forum for previous discussions on clawfoot tubs but seems like every situation is unique. I am hoping you can help me out with the way I set up the drain from this tub before I have the Oh &$#% moment when I have retiled the floor and all the plumbing is re-done.

1. If I decide to reuse the current drain, which I assume is 1 3/8, can I reconnect it to a 1 1/2 pipe? Would I reuse a 1/2 x 1 3/8 slip joint nut in that situation? Would you advise me to do that given the 100 year old brass and the joints?

2. Since the tub is backed against a wall I am not interested in a $200 brass drain that is for sale in some retrofit websites. Could I use some of the plastic pipe drains that I can use to replace the entire brass set up?

3. How can I remove the existing drain set up from the tub? Don't see a way to unscrew it from the bottom of the tub or in the tub drain.

I have attached few pics for ease of understanding my situation.


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