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Thread: In-wall tanks to pair with Toto CT418FG

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    Question In-wall tanks to pair with Toto CT418FG?

    I'm considering a wall hung TOTO Aquia CT418FG for a remodel I'm planning on a small-ish Master bath. I have 2x4 contruction which limits the in wall tanks I have to choose from to 2.

    Toto model WT151M or WT152M (difference is the type of water supply line)

    Geberit model 111.728.00.1

    I obviously want the one that is the most functional, reliable and leak proof.

    I'm wondering if the Toto in wall tank WT151M or WT152M is same as the Geberit 111.728.00.1? Visually it looks like Toto might just buy the 111.728.00.1 from Geberit and put their name on it. The WT151 is a new product for Toto. Would I be better going with the Geberit since they have years more experience building in wall tanks?

    How reliable are Geberit in wall tanks and how available are spare parts? Since the TOTO product is new, the same questions probably can't be answered.

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    Yes it will work.
    We only use the Geberit carriers for our toilets Duravit and Toto.
    We were going to bring in the Toto but the 2x4 is not available yet and they cost more.
    Geberit is a better known product then the ones that Toto are carrying.

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