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Thread: Inside diameter of Toilet flange too big!

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    Default Inside diameter of Toilet flange too big!

    I could use some expert advice on this problem. I went to my daughters to replace a wax ring that may have been leaking sewer gas. When I pulled the toilet off I immediately noticed the opening was much larger than what I have seen before. I measured the opening to be 5 inches and the wax ring almost falls into the hole. Like I said I have put in a few toilets in my time but never encountered this problem. It is in a 60 + year old home in Baltimore. I installed a new wax ring but I don't think it will do much better than the old one as is sits down into the pipe opening and may not even seal properly though it seemed to squash down. Maybe someone could tell me what I could do to remedy this for the next time I pull the toilet. Is there a plate that would go over this opening to bring the size into line with a standard 4 inch drain? I am open to any ideas at this point. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    It is an offset drain? SOme of those have an extra large opening. A picture would help. You can take a couple of wax rings, cut them to insert a section to make one big enough to go around the rim of the flange. This might work, but a picture would help clarify things for maybe another, better solution.
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    Is it a round cast iron drain?

    You may need to put a dutchman in there if it is...

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    My guess is that they used a 4 x 4 deep closet flange made for when the pipe is too low below the floor, after the connection is made a filler piece of 4 inch pipe should be leaded into the closet flange to fill the void to the top of the flange. Pictures will save a 1000 words

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