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Thread: Tub Leak Overflow pipe gasket

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    Default Tub Leak Overflow pipe gasket

    I have a leak in my tub from the overflow pipe. I see that it's probably due to the deteriorated gasket. My question: Does anyone know if I have to replace the overflow pipe and the gasket as one unit, or can I just get a gasket?

    I'm confused because it looks like the gasket is behind the cutout from the tub but in front of the overflow pipe.


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    That's were the gasket must sit,,,between the pipe and the tub. There are all kinds of replacement overflow gaskets. Pull the overflow plate,scrape the old one off ,lightly push the overflow pipe back and install the new one,being careful that it seats properly around the face of the overflow pipe.

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    Default overflow

    Might be easier to buy a spongy beveled spud washer. They come in a couple of thicknesses and they come in rubber. The softer spongy are more adaptable.........

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    Default Tub Overflow Pipe Leak

    Thank you, Cal. That seemed to solve the problem (cross your fingers).
    For those of us who really aren't handy, it can be intimidating: it's like a foreign language and you tend to overthink everything!

    I cleaned up the front of the pipe as best as I could (using a small screwdriver, box cutter blade and small wire brush... and rigging a spotlight close to the tub so I could see in there!). I got a generic beveled washer from the local hardware and then panicked because the hardware guy didn't know how to install it. After more internet study, I found out the wide end goes on the bottom. I pushed the inside of the overflow pipe with the round end of the screwdriver while popping in the washer. Then I worried that I overstretched it.

    But it seems to be a happy ending. After giving my little daughter a bath tonight --- voila! No rushing waterfall downstairs in the garage.

    Thanks again everyone for the advice. It's much appreciated.


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