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Thread: Help Confirm Clack WS1 settings after recent water test.

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    Default Help Confirm Clack WS1 settings after recent water test.

    Hi guys,

    Been a while since i was here last and i see there's been some major shakeups. Clack no longer sells to the public (dumb decision) and Gary's gone out of business (my sympathies)

    Anyways i need a little advice on my softer settings , if their correct and if not, are they the cause of "bubbly" and very slightly salty water for the first tank or so after a regen.

    As per Akpsdvan's advice in my choosing a softener thread, http://www.terrylove.com/forums/show...well-with-iron ive had a retest on my raw water done after being used for several months. The results are as follows:

    Hardness 30
    Iron 2.0
    Man. 0
    Ph 7.3
    TDS 330

    This test was run by my local plumbing supply house. They recommended a iron filter on 4 day regen with a model "stfe30mi" softener set for 30 hardness. I assume thats a 30,000 unit also on a 4 day regen. No mention of brand, but its from "USF Watergroup" who appears to be a reseller of several different brands.

    As you likely dont recall, the results from the provincial ag lab were a little different than the results from the above test :

    PH 7.39
    nitrate + nitrate n (mg/l) <1
    Conductance (mmhos) 847
    alkalinity (mg/l) 342
    chloride (mg/l) 63
    Total hardness (mg/l) 341.54

    Calcium (mg/l) 95.5
    copper (mg/l) <.01
    Iron (mg/l) 0.95
    Magnesium (mg/l) 25.03
    Manganese (mg/l) 0.22
    Sodium (mg/l) 49.92
    sulfate (mg/l) 39.57
    zinc (mg/l) .001
    Potassium (mg/l) 5.96

    I understand how water can change over time and that might explain the small differences.

    Ok with that background, here is my current settings on my Clack WS1-CS with a 2Cuft (45,000?) resin tank. My maximum flow is less than 5 Gpm according to the softener. I plan on getting a larger pump (or doing some troubleshooting on the old pump) to get a higher flow/pressure as i would like a more powerful shower (softener says im flowing 1.5Gpm to the shower, but it could use more pressure) but thats a thread for another day.

    -NORMAL+ON 0

    -30 HARDNESS

    Is there anything wrong there?

    Is P4 correct or should i lengthen it to flush my bed more, considering the salt issue and iron in water?

    Is it correct to use a smaller capacity (30.0x000) instead of the actual 45,000 grain capacity of the tank? Should i change it to 45,000?

    Is 12 Lb of salt correct for a 4 day cycle?

    In practice it seems to be working just fine. Water is soft and there is no iron staining. Im just a little concerned with the "bubbly" water and the slight salt taste. And i want to ensure that i dont damage my resin.

    Any advise?
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