I rent space in a greenhouse that has two ventilation fans, 1 HP motors each wired for 240V. This year one motor was bad so it was partially disconnected (one leg) and the other was turning at a much slower speed and I only got 68V across both legs at this motor. These motors are controlled by a Dayton line voltage thermostat.

Opening up the fusebox, I could not figure out the wiring. Looked like they were wired in series with the thermostat stuck in there somewhere. I took it all apart and started over, with two legs from the fuses going to the thermostat and then on to only one fan. It now runs correctly.

Problem is I would like to hook up the other fan but the thermostat is rated 8 amps at 240V. These motors are each ~6 amps. I know both fans used to run correctly (simultaneously) several years ago. Were they simply running 12 amps through the thermostat or could they be hooked up in a way that the thermostat could control both fans without full current going through the thermostat?

I don't see how but figured I would ask.