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Thread: Ceiling tub filler

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    Question Ceiling tub filler

    Hi, I just found this forum while searching for information for my new bathroom. I think ceiling tub fillers look very cool but my husband prefers to go the traditional route and only sees flaws with a ceiling tub filler - I saw it in a magazine. I hope someone can shed some positive light on this so I can win a few points, however I am open to the truth even if it is not what I want to hear.

    A little detail about the bathroom, it is a small bathroom remodel that will have a standard size tub/shower combination (hopefully a deeper tub) and it will be used primarily by my 4 children 2-11yrs old.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    THe only thing I can imagine happening with a "true" ceiling tub filler is a lot of water splashing when it hits the tub. There are also some laws of physics that would apply to reduce the temperature of the water in the tub compared to what it is at the filler outlet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qt314b View Post
    I saw it in a magazine.
    I always smile on the outside and cringe on the insde when I hear this. As this is just a small reno, I suggest you look at prices and I am pretty sure that will deter you.
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