Rental. septic system. Plugged main line in the crawlspace. I usually open a cleanout and jet it with a garden hose.

Subbed it to the plumber for 145$. He pulled a toilet and ran his snake - 100'

No result, so his report is that he thinks the snake is in the tank and the pipe is clean.

I had doubts, but the Septic was pretty due for a look. Tank was NOT backed up. After 150$ in digging and $425 in pumping, kicked the inlet tee on the tank.

And there came a nice plug about 6" long of snot that the plumber had pushed right to the inlet tee. He was 6" short of being worth his $145.

So how would you deal with that? How much snake should a guy have if he calls himself a drain cleaner?

And should he have known he did not pass the 90' tank inlet?