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Thread: Well pump breaker tripping

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    Default Well pump breaker tripping

    For the last week the well pump circuit breaker has been tripping almost daily.

    Also, for even more than a week, and even now when the breaker is reset, the hot and cold balance in the shower has been intermittent (similar to when water is being used in several places at the same time, but nothing else is running). However the water treatment units and the water heater are on different electrical circuits and those breakers arent tripping.

    The water heater is only a year or so old, but the well pump and water treatment units are original with the house, which is about 15 years old.

    Is this just the first signs of the well pump going?

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    I would say that after 15 years, it's very possible that there is a problem with the pump motor. However, there could be problems elsewhere, like the control box (if you have a submersible pump), pump cable, etc. Have a well/pump person check it out for you.

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    Yeah I'de say, my last pump lasted just 7 years, the amount of time I tell customers is the average life of a submersible pump.

    Although I have seen a few go past 25 years of age.



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